Celebrating Academic Excellence During Q2 at CSAS MS

Citizenship & Science Academy of Syracuse Middle School Celebrates the First-Ever Deans List During Q2 Awards Ceremony

Thursday, February 8th, 2024: Citizenship & Science Academy of Syracuse Middle School celebrated its Quarter 2 awards ceremony, honoring students for academic excellence with merit roll, honor roll, and high honor roll and introducing the first-ever dean's list of students. Congratulations to all! 

Telling Herstory: CSAS ES Atoms get the MOST From Their Guest Speaker

Citizenship & Science Academy of Syracuse Women's History Month Guest Speaker Stresses Importance of STEM Education

Wednesday, March 27th, 2024: To culminate Women's History Month, the 5th-grade students at Citizenship & Science Academy of Syracuse were treated to an enriching experience with the distinguished guest speaker, Lauren Kochian. As the esteemed President of the Museum of Science & Technology in Syracuse, Mrs. Kochian embodies female leadership and achievement. As she graciously told her "herstory," Mrs. Kochian shared her expertise and imparted invaluable insights from her personal journey. 

In a moment that resonated deeply with the students, Mrs. Kochian paused to address them directly, providing a glimpse into the challenges and triumphs that have shaped her career. During her engaging presentation, Mrs. Kochian stressed the critical significance of early exposure to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education. She emphasized how cultivating STEM skills from a young age lays the foundation for future success in careers and life.

Thank you, Mrs. Kochain, for inspiring and encouraging our students to be part of history. 

CSAS 5th Graders Dive into Environmental Education at SUNY ESF

Fifth Graders at Citizenship & Science Academy of Syracuse Explore the World of Environmental Forestry at SUNY ESF

Wednesday, February 28th, 2024: Fifth-grade Citizenship & Science Academy of Syracuse students visited SUNY ESF. The State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry is a public research university that focuses on studying the environment and natural resources. They offer a variety of academic programs for students interested in science, engineering, design, policy, communication, and management of natural resources and the environment. 

During their visit, 5th grade classes participated in activities involving Hydrology Exploration, Urban Ecosystems, Paper Science, and Water Cycle Dice. Atoms had lunch together on campus and learned more about the college during an admissions chat with SUNY ESF staff! It was an excellent experience for all and a wonderful addition to our college visit series!

Deputy Sheriff James Dixon Inspires CSAS ES Atoms with Insights into Law Enforcement

Exploring Law Enforcement: Deputy Sheriff James Dixon Visits Citizenship & Science Academy of Syracuse Elementary School

Thursday, February 15th, 2024: Deputy Sheriff James Dixon visited Ms. Camire’s fourth-grade classroom at Citizenship & Science Academy of Syracuse. Deputy Dixon works with the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office. Students learned that the academy is 30 weeks long and consists of hands-on training, many tests, and various certifications. He shared that his duties are to protect and serve the citizens of Onondaga County, enforce the laws of NYS, provide first aid to those in need, and much more! 

Thank you, Deputy Sheriff Mr. James Dixon, for keeping our community safe and spending time in 4th grade during our 28 Speakers in 28 Days series!

CSAS ES 28 Speakers Guest Teaches Students Importance of Chemistry

Citizenship & Science Academy of Syracuse First Graders Explore Chemistry with Special Guest

Tuesday, February 27th, 2024: Kirsten Abbott visited Mrs. Kipp and Ms. Lisa’s first-grade classroom as a 28 Speakers guest. Mrs. Abbott, a Department of Chemistry Coach at the Geneva School District, taught Atoms how chemistry relates to everyday life. It was a wonderful day enriched with history and lifelong learning to add to our Black History Month Celebrations.

28 Speakers Guest Helps CSAS ES Students Plan for College

On Point for College Speakers Joins Citizenship & Science Academy of Syracuse's 28 Speakers in 28 Days Event

Wednesday, February 14th, 2024: Yolanda Seegars visited the Citizenship & Science Academy of Syracuse Elementary School and spoke with 5th-grade students in Ms. Moe's and 3rd-grade students in Ms. Porta's classes. Ms.Seegars works at On Point for College and is the Director of Project RISE. On Point for College helps students enroll and prepare for college, graduate, transition to meaningful careers, and much more! 

Ms. Seegars shared her school experiences growing up and told stories about her family's resilience. She expressed her love for Black History and demonstrated different strategies to help students succeed. Thank you, Ms. Yolanda Seegars, for visiting our school and speaking with the 3rd and 5th grade Atoms!

Local Pastor Encourages CSAS ES Atoms to Continue to Dream

28 Speakers in 28 Days Guest Speaker Joins Citizenship & Science Academy of Syracuse Elementary School from InterFaith Works

Tuesday, February 27th, 2024: As part of our 28 Speakers in 28 Days event at Citizenship & Science Academy of Syracuse Elementary School, Pastor Alberta Abrams, a Board Member from Interfaith Works, read two excellent books to the fifth grade. Leaving two impactful thoughts behind:

1) Continue to dream regardless of age, and you will be able to "Soar" to unimaginable heights.

2) Silent marching can be as impactful as using words, so continue to march in the right direction in life.

The 5th-grade student body loved spending this beautiful day outside commemorating this year's Black History Month Celebration.

28 Speakers Guest Speaker Tells CSAS Atoms About Being a School Counselor

High School Counselor Visits Citizenship & Science Academy of Syracuse Elementary School for 28 Speakers Event

Monday, February 12th, 2024: Ciera LeFlore visited Ms. Pavarini’s 3rd-grade classroom as another 28 Speakers in 28 Days guest speaker. Ms. LeFlore is a counselor at a high school in Syracuse! She spoke with Atoms about what it’s like being a school counselor, working with high school students, and why she loves her job! Ms. LeFlore also demonstrated different strategies with the class to help foster a friendly community and loving environment. 

Thank you for spending time with our 3rd graders! We loved learning about all the great things school counselors do to help students daily!

Councilwoman Dr. Rhoda Visits CSAS ES

Dr. Rhoda, the First Black City Councilor in Auburn's History is Part of 28 Speakers in 28 Days

Monday, February 12th, 2024: As part of Black History Month, we're continuing our 28 Speakers in 28 Days event at Citizenship & Science Academy of Syracuse Elementary. Councilwoman Dr. Rhoda visited Mrs. Kipp & Ms. Coward's first-grade classroom. Dr. Rhoda is the first Black city councilor in Auburn's history! She read two books to the class, "I'm Enough" and "One Love." She gave the students words of affirmation and shared with them that they can be anything they want to be when they grow up! 

Atoms were so excited to learn about Dr. Rhoda and gave her lots of hugs! Thank you, Dr. Rhoda, for spending time with our first-grade friends and showing them they can do great things!

Find a Cure for Cancer with Migual

On the third week of our #WhySANY student testimonials, we introduce you to SANY Senior, Migual. Migual is stepping into the National spotlight fueled by determination and a passion for STEM!

He has become a National STEM Challenge Champion for his biomedical research with the help of his teachers and medical professionals whom Migual has met through SANY science fairs and networking programs.

Hard work, passion, and a dash of innovation are Migual’s recipe for success. 

What’s yours? Find out at http://apply.sany.org 

CSAS ES Kicks Off Black History Month Event

Head of the Syracuse PAL Program Visits Citizenship & Science Academy of Syracuse Elementary School for 28 Speakers in 28 Days

Thursday, February 1st, 2024: Citizenship Academy of Science Elementary School kicked off the 28 Speakers in 28 Days event. Jimmy Oliver, head of the PALS program at Syracuse police department, spoke to students in Mr. Thayer's classroom. Mr. Oliver also collaborated with our students by creating a story using the wordless book “Field Trip to the Ocean Deep” by John Hare. Mr. Oliver and our students had a wonderful time using their imaginations.

Thank you, Mr. Oliver, for coming to speak to our students!


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