The Citizenship & Science Academy of Syracuse Charter School (CSASCS) offers area students the best aspects of public and private education. Our tuition-free program offers the small classes and college preparatory programs of a private academy to students who would otherwise be financially constricted to a traditional public school. Through our focus on citizenship, students can learn and grow into involved, caring citizens with a keen sense of social awareness and community responsibility.

In tandem with our rigorous academic program, we offer students a range of ways to develop into adults who think critically and creatively, are committed to a lifetime of learning and civic involvement and are conscious of local, global, and environmental issues. 

Our emphasis on citizenship and volunteerism includes a high school graduation requirement of a minimum of 225 hours of community service. These hands-on activities help students become better real-life problem-solvers, which typically results in better performance in their academic work. Students who do community service and volunteer also are seen as more dependable and responsible as they apply to college or the workplace. Meanwhile, the immediate benefit to the community is clear: As students participate in community service, they become more aware of the issues facing their region and become an active part of the solution.

CSASCS faculty members have established an intensive academic curriculum in the classroom to prepare students for a positive collegiate experience. With a 1:12 teacher-to-student ratio (two teachers in a classroom) in grades K-2, students enjoy the benefits of personalized attention. At least one field trip every month for elementary school grades from Baltimore Woods to Erie Museum, students will get exposed to many places and activities. Our character education program teaches our diverse student body the universally recognized values of honesty, stewardship, kindness, generosity, courage, freedom, justice, equality, citizenship, and respect. 

Teachers also encourage their students to participate in local and national festivals and competitions. Advanced math and science teams train for all levels of competition, and students may participate in the Science Olympiad, CNY SEF, Science Bowl, Odyssey of the Mind, Spelling Bee, Robotics in VEX, and Math COUNTS in the Central New York region. CSASCS also offers its own Festival for the Liberal Arts and Sciences.

In a world of constantly changing educational and technological needs, the Citizenship & Science Academy of Syracuse Charter School strives to prepare today's youth to take on the challenges of tomorrow with confidence and integrity. 


Citizenship & Science Academy of Syracuse Charter School is part of Science Academies of New York.

CSAS Elementary School

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CSAS Middle School

7053 Buckley Rd
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1409 W Genesee St
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