#SASCCS Elementary Field Trip to the Sciencecenter


On April 17th and 18th, 2018 First and second-grade students from #SASCCS journeyed into the tidal flats at the Sciencenter in Ithaca, New York to learn about the natural world. Students interacted with animals in their natural environment before heading out into their own - the playground!

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#SASCCS Elementary Field Trip to Ultimate Goal


On Tuesday, December 19th, 2017, the first-grade class went to Ultimate Goal. We played kickball, dodgeball, and soccer. We learned how to do rope swings and use the parachute and ended the day with a huge tug of war. On Monday, December 18th, the kindergarten joined in on the fun at Ultimate Goal in Marcellus. The classes learned the importance of teamwork while having fun playing soccer and other games.


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#SASCCS Springs into Literacy

On Monday, April 9th, 2018, families kicked off spring at the Syracuse Academy of Science and Citizenship Charter School for a Literacy Game Night. Students and parents read stories together and played reading comprehension games. Families brought the games home to promote learning outside the classroom.

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Former SU Basketball Player Tyrone Albright Visits SASCCS


On Wednesday, November 29th, 2017, former Syracuse University (SU) basketball player and current Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) coach Tyrone Albright was greeted by eager students at SASCCS. When asked if he ever played any sports besides basketball, Albright mentioned that he played lacrosse when he was young, but preferred the warmth of indoor basketball. The former reserve guard for the Orange Men talked about his college years as a basketball player, which started when he attended Onondaga Community College. After transferring to SU, he joined the nationally recognized college team in his senior year and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Informational Technology. He explained what cyber security is in relation to the current work he does, then headed to cafeteria to enjoy lunch with the children.




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First-Quarter Honors for First and Second Graders

On Tuesday, November 28th, 2017,In recognition of outstanding student performance in first grade and second grade, SAS elementary school recently honored achievements made during the first quarter of the school year. For the months of September, October and November, students worked hard on developing and applying the character traits of Responsibility, Trustworthiness and Citizenship, respectively. Several students earned awards for Student-of-the-Month, Highest DOJO Points, Best Academics, Most Improved, Best Citizenship, Best in Art/Music and Best in Physical Education. Congratulations!



September      Student-of-the-Month            Highest DOJO Points

Room 1A:         Lyla Kane                                  Josiah Mclain

Room 1B:         Aye’Anna Torrance                   Kaori Curry

Room 2A:         Angela Lamichhane                   Kevanie Clarke

Room 2B:         Jianna Bonilla                            Ja’kayla Carter

Best in Art/Music: Nissia Ratchford    

Best in Physical Education: Legacy Smith


October           Student-of-the-Month            Highest DOJO Points

Room 1A:         Karuna Nepal                            Julius Garza

Room 1B:         Darnel Outley                           Mariah Reaves

Room 2A:         Kevanie Clarke                          Sheyla Fuente-Riveron

Room 2B:         Atha Pieka                                Shar Soe

Best in Art/Music: Tyquan Bozeman-Matthews

Best in Physical Education: Sa’Veere Culver


November       Student of the-Month Highest DOJO Points

Room 1A:         Ny’lah Billue-Jones                    Holly Klay

Room 1B:         Abdulmajid Abdirahman                        Cedric Warren

Room 2A:         Azair Acheampong                    Autumn Carson

Room 2B:         Stef’fonie Del Rio                       Raniyah Ellick

Best in Art/Music: Daniel Dagner, Jr. 

Best in Physical Education: Leshawn Robinson, Jr.


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Kindergartners Receive Awards for First-Quarter Achievement

On Monday, November 27th, 2017, So much happens during the primary-school years. It’s an exciting time when students learn many of the skills and concepts needed throughout their education. To encourage learning and achievement, SAS elementary school recognizes effort and progress by giving awards to students who exhibit outstanding academic achievement and exemplary character traits. A special ceremony is held quarterly to present the awards.



For the months of September, October and November, the character traits of Responsibility, Trustworthiness and Citizenship were emphasized, respectively. The following kindergartners earned awards for Student-of-the-Month, Highest DOJO Points, Best Academics, Most Improved, and Best Citizenship:

September              Student-of-the-Month                   Highest DOJO Points

Room KA:            Khaty Sablon Riveron                     Khaty Sablon Riveron

Room KB:            Lucy Harbick                                 Baneet Guatam

Room KC:            Elyssia Bailey                                Tayvon Santy


October                     Student-of-the-Month                   Highest DOJO Points             

Room KA:            Natania Gonzalez                            Mawuli Agbossoumonde

Room KB:            Baneet Guatam                              Kaylianna Adams

Room KC:            Christian Stofko                             Jay Vangorden


November               Student-of-the-Month                   Highest DOJO Points

Room KA:            Mawuli Agbossoumonde                    Ki’Ahri Woods

Room KB:            Je’Niece Clarke                              Baneet Guatam

Room KC:             Abigal Glover                                Jordyn Battle


Quarterly Awards                    Best Academics                        Most Improved                        Best Citizenship

Room KA:                            Grace De Michar                    Samuel Nicholas                           Ki’Ahri Woods

Room KB:                            Lucy Harbick                          Elijah Sims                                    DingMen Sung

Room KC:                           Imre Regner                          Le’Von Hightower                            Orion Daniels




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Welcome to the New School on the Block!

On Wednesday September 6th, 2017, Smiling students and eager parents meet enthusiastic teachers for the first time as the beginning of innovative education gets underway at Syracuse Academy of Science and Citizenship Charter School (SASCCS). The K-2 school is dedicated to helping all students reach their potential by laying a strong academic and civic foundation for success in college, career and citizenship in years to come. The road to higher learning starts here, with strong parental involvement and dedicated staff. Ready, set, go!


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