Thank You!

The Syracuse Academy of Science and Citizenship staff would like to thank all the families who made this first year possible. Without you believing in us we would not be here. We wish you a safe and relaxing summer.

First EVER Kindergarten Graduation at #SASCCS

On Thursday, June 21, 2018, parents, teachers and administrators celebrated the accomplishments of the first #SASCCS kindergarten class. We are so proud of these #SASCAtoms and look forward to seeing them all in the Fall as first-graders. Congratulations Kindergarten class of 2018 and High School class of 2030!

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National Geographic Star Visits SASCCS Classroom

On Friday, June 19th, 2018, second-graders at #SASCCS skyped with Sam from the National Geographic show What Sam Sees! Students spent the week learning about marine animals from Sam's show while simultaneously reviewing reading comprehension skills. Sam spent time answering questions and chatting with students about all they learned. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Sam! #whatsamsees #SASCCS #SASCAtoms 

Syracuse Stallions Head Coach Reads to #SASCCS

On Thursday, May 31, 2018, the Syracuse Stallions Head coach Peter Dourdas visited our second-grade #SASCAtoms. Coach Dourdas read the story "Allie's Basketball Dream" by Barbra E. Barber and Darryl Ligasan and talked about his life experience and wisdom with school, college, and basketball. #SASCCS would like to thank Coach Dourdas for visiting as well as Congratulations and good luck in the upcoming season. Go Stallions! #SASCCS #SASCAtoms

Special Recognition for Mrs. Carioti

On Wednesday, June 6, 2018, our special education teacher, Mrs. Carioti received word from M&T Bank and The Buffalo Bills "Touchdown for Teachers" program that she was a nominated teacher. The program recognizes educators for their above and beyond contributions to their students and community at large. Go Mrs. Carioti and thank you for all you do. #SASCAtoms #SASCCS

#SASCCS Second-Graders Visit Le Moyne College

On Monday, June 4, 2018 #SASCAtom second-graders went on their first official college visit to Le Moyne College. Students took a guided tour of the Le Moyne College campus and began daydreaming about their bright futures as college students in ten short years. Go Atoms! #SASCCS #SASCAtoms

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Storytime at #SASCCS with Mayor Ben Walsh

On Monday, June 4, 2018, Mayor Ben Walsh came and visited kindergartners at #SASCCS and was greeted with a warm welcome. Mayor Walsh read the storybook "It's Mine!" By Leo Lionni. The story covered the importance of sharing, which led to Mayor Walsh explaining community values and togetherness. All of the #SASCAtoms would like to thank Mayor Walsh for sharing his time and wisdom. Go Atoms! #SASCCS #SASCAtoms

Fire Safety Lesson at #SASCCS with the Syracuse Fire Department

On Tuesday, May 29, 2018, members of the Syracuse Fire Department visited each classroom to discuss fire safety with the students. The firefighters talked about what to do if they smell smoke, if their clothes catch fire, and how to get out of a building quickly and safely. They also stressed the importance of following a firefighters directions if they come into their home or school to help them. The students were able to see all the equipment the firefighters wear to fight fires, and they were even able to sit in a real fire truck. Go atoms! #SASCAtoms #SASCCS

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Second-grade #SASCAtoms journey to THE WILD

On Friday, May 25, 2018, #SASCCS second-graders went on an exciting trip to the Wild Animal Park in Chittenango to observe animals and wildlife in their unique habitats. The park exposed students to camels, giraffes, monkeys and other wildlife they would not typically encounter in their daily routines. The gamekeepers shared with students how these animals behave and act in the wild. These lessons in wildlife diversity are just one way our #SASCCS students learn about our global environment. Go Atoms!

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Learning to Read at #SASCCS with Doggo!

On Wednesday, May 23, 2018, #SASCCS introduced a new student in Ms. Eisenson and Ms. Diorio’s first-grade class. Lea the therapy dog from PAWS of CNY trots into school every month to help the students work on their reading. Lea is a great listener and each student reads aloud to Lear to help strengthen their fluency and confidence.

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First-grade #SASCAtoms journey to THE WILD

On Monday, May 21, 2018 #SASCCS first-graders visited The Wild Animal Park in Chittenango and got up close and personal with exotic animals. #SASAtoms fed goats, llamas, and giraffes. Students learned about the tigers and black bears from the zookeepers. Did you know, the black bear Ursus americanus is the smallest, yet most common, of the three bear species found in America (after the polar and grizzly). These lessons in wildlife diversity are just one way our #SASCAtoms learn about our global environment. Go Atoms!

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