Lessons in Fire Safety with Chief Monds

Friday, February 28, 2020—Fire safety was the primary topic of Syracuse Fire Department Chief Monds when he served as a guest speaker at Citizenship Academy. He also shared memorable life experiences, including the process he went through to become a fireman and a fire chief. Chief Monds, thank you for inspiring future firefighters and safety-minded citizens.

28 Speakers in 28 Days - Wanda Hines-McGriff

Friday, February 28, 2020—Wanda Hines McGriff of the New York Department of Mental Health was invited by the Citizenship Academy to be a guest speaker. Mrs.McGriff talked with students about her own experiences as a student in school as well as her daily job routine working for New York State. Her presence and retelling of life experiences engaged both students and staff.

28 Speakers in 28 Days - Rasheeda Caldwell

Friday, February 28, 2020—Citizenship Academy students were invited to envision their futures when Rasheeda Caldwell of Peace Incorporated and the Let Me Be Great movement spoke as a guest speaker. Ms.Caldwell expressed the importance of having a vision of doing and being something positive in life, so that it impacts those you meet and come across throughout life. Her words of wisdom truly inspired our young Atoms and left them with great expectations. #28Speakersin28Days #LetMeBeGreatt44

28 Speakers in 28 Days - Shadayvia Wallace

Friday, February 28, 2020—Shadayvia Wallace, valedictorian of SANY Class of 2011 and a LeMoyne College Student Affairs professional, was a welcome guest speaker recently at Citizenship Academy. Ms. Wallace shared valuable information about the importance of doing extracurricular activities while attending college, as well as what college life is like. Our students were so intrigued by her message, they are more eager to attend college. Ms. Wallace’s legacy as an exceptional student is sure to be remembered for a long time at Citizenship Academy.

28 Speakers in 28 Days - Deputy Mayor Sharon Owens

Thursday, February 27, 2020—Deputy Mayor of Syracuse Sharon Owens visited Citizenship Academy as a special guest speaker during our series of 28 Speakers in 28 Days. Deputy Mayor Owens spoke with our 1st graders about her important job leading the City of Syracuse as well as what she has learned through her experiences in life and college. Her positive encouragement and triumphant outlook left a memorable impression on all Atoms--scholars and teachers. We hope she visits again soon!

28 Speakers in 28 Days - Will Hunter

28 Speakers in 28 Days Black History Month Speaking Tour

Wednesday, February 26, 2020—Former NFL Player Will Hunter came to Citizenship Academy as an amazing guest speaker for our Atoms. He spoke with our students about his experiences in school and college, and what it takes to be a professional athlete. Mr. Hunter explained what dedication is, and he stressed the importance of being dedicated to what you are doing--no matter what you are doing. Students and staff alike were very inspired by his story and his enthusiasm. You scored a touchdown, Mr. Hunter!

28 Speakers in 28 Days - Dr. Mark Muhammed

28 Speakers in 28 Days Black History Month Speaking Event

Wednesday, February 26, 2020—Citizenship Academy scholars welcomed powerful guest speaker Dr. Mark Muhammed, who enthusiastically spoke to them about the importance of having many college options to help them achieve their future goals, as well as developing the stamina and aptitude needed for taking tests. Thank you, Dr. Mark Muhammed, for being a key participant in our guest-speaker tour. #28Speakersin28Days.

28 Speakers in 28 Days - Business Owner

Owner of Crave Dessert Studio Speaks with Citizenship Academy Students

Tuesday, March 25, 2020—In celebration of #BlackHistoryMonth, Tykemia Carman, the owner of Crave Dessert Studio in Syracuse and a role model, shared her successful journey with our #SASCAtoms. A graduate of the Syracuse Academy of Science, Tykemia encouraged our young scholars to dream big and take risks. Atoms savored chocolate dipped pretzels—a crave specialty—along with important life-lessons. Thank you, Tykemia, for sharing your time and treats with our #SASAtoms!

28 Speakers in 28 Days - Community Advocate

OG's Against Violence Clifford Ryan Speaks with Citizenship Academy Students

Monday, February 24, 2020Clifford Ryan, who spearheads OG’s Against Gun Violence, came by Citizenship Academy to talk with students about the philosophy of nonviolence. Presenting an engaging lesson, he discussed the importance of being a positive member of society, as well as helping those in need of peace. Thank you, Mr. Ryan, for being a great motivational speaker for our students.

Movers and Shakers at the Winter Concert

Citizenship Academy Atoms Perform A,B,C, by The Jackson Five During the 2020 Winter Concert

Tuesday, February 25, 2020—The Citizenship Academy Winter Concert was hands-down one of our best events yet! So many parents, friends, and family members came out to support our young scholars. It was an incredible thing to behold. Thank you, Ms. Skandalis, and the rest of the team at the Citizenship Academy for preparing such an amazing show! Click Here for a Video Highlight

Song List
Opening: Mr. Danny singing, It Don’t Hurt Now, by Teddy Pendergrass
Kindergarten: Little Snowflakes
1st Grade: ABC by Jackson Five (Featured)
2nd Grade: All You Need is Love by The Beatles
4th Grade: Count on Me by Bruno Mars
3rd Grade: The Champion by Carrie Underwood
Soloist: Branai Hall singing Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys

28 Speakers in 28 Days - Professional Athlete

Monday, February 24, 2020—Hofstra University Alumnus and Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School Boys Basketball Coach, Cornelius Vines, spoke with Citizenship Academy Atoms about the value of passion and excitement. Cornelius shared his experience of being a professional athlete, and how that impacted his life. Thank you Mr. Vines for being a great influence on our students.


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