CSAS ES Atoms Celebrate their Heritage

Citizenship & Science Academy of Syracuse Elementary School Celebrates Heritage Day

Friday, October 27th, 2023: Citizenship & Science Academy of Syracuse Elementary celebrated Heritage Day! Throughout the month, we researched countries that represented the cultures at Citizenship Academy. We created crafts representing us as individuals and how we come together as a school family. On Heritage Day, we dressed in attire that celebrated, honored, and highlighted the rich cultures within our classrooms. Students wore clothing that represented their backgrounds. Students could display their clothing and attire with classmates and teachers.

Thank you to students, staff, and parents for coming together to make this day great!

From a student: "Hello I‘m from Sudan. My name is Munasa. I love Sudan, and Allah let us all reach Jannah together. Thank you so much for reading this. I wear my hijab because it shows modesty and how strong my beliefs are."

"Hi, I'm Nyaliep. I’m from South Sudan. I love my culture and the people in my culture. We have a house gown for boys and girls. Anybody can wear it. I wore it today because of Heritage Month and I'm proud of it. I want to learn it, but I'm struggling to. I hope one day I can be fluent in speaking Arabic. My full name is Nyaliep Patrice Dak. My whole name means “girl in waiting.” I love love love African food. That's all about me and my cultural home."


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