CSAS 5th Graders Study Aztec, Incan & Mayan Civilizations

Citizenship & Science Academy of Syracuse 5th Graders Create Totems in Social Studies

Friday, November 3rd, 2023: In Social Studies, Citizenship & Science Academy of Syracuse 5th Graders have been learning about the Aztec, Inca and Mayan Civilizations. They learned how the civilizations were alike and different. Atoms learned about the different social classes within each civilization and their leaders. They learned how the sundial was used to indicate the time of day by the position of the shadow cast upon it. Students also learned that totems are a natural object or animal that is believed by a particular society to have spiritual significance and that is adopted by it as an emblem. A totem can be a spirit being, sacred object, or symbol that serves as an emblem of a group of people, such as a family, clan, lineage, or tribe.

Scholars chose six animals that represented them and created a totem of their own.


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