Atoms Learn the Art of Mindfulness in Gym Class

Syracuse Academy of Science and Citizenship elementary school students will have two types of physical education classes this year: Mindfulness techniques, and team building sports and activities.

Tuesday, September 14th, 2021Syracuse Academy of Science and Citizenship elementary is excited to announce that the students will be having two types of physical education classes this year. The first class will focus on teaching fine motor skills and an introduction to various sports, and the second will be mindfulness which will include yoga, and various relaxation techniques such as meditation.

For those not familiar with mindfulness meditation, it is the art of sitting in silence and finding a breathing anchor point (like the belly, nose, or chest) and focusing on your breath? This practice, although in theory may seem very simple, it is in fact quite challenging at times! When one begins to meditate it is very common for the mind to wander, as the mind is always looking for something to do. When this happens, the goal of meditation is to acknowledge the thought, and then try and refocus on the breath. What this does is helps improve concentration skills and patience.


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