Atoms Discover Culinary Delights at Discovery Kitchen

Mrs. Pittsley and the Chartwells team host their first Discovery Kitchen, where Atoms learn about cranberries and how to make cranberry apple relish

Friday, October 25, 2019Kindergarten Atoms discover the culinary possibilities at their first ever Discovery Kitchen. Thanks to Mrs. Pittsley and the Chartwells team, students gained helpful kitchen tips, tricks and nutritious recipes. For this first installment, Atoms learned all about a tangy fruit (that at times can be sweet), and is typically found on the Thanksgiving table, the cranberry! To kick-off the demonstration, Mrs. Pittsley shared with the students information about how cranberries are grown and then showed them how they could make the cranberry the star of a dish. The dish she taught the Atoms how to make was cranberry apple relish. Students were able to sample the dish following the demonstration, and they even had the opportunity to include this as one of their sides for lunch later that day. Thank you Mrs. Pittsley and the Chartwells team for teaching our Atoms about healthy eating, sharing delicious recipes, and nutrition.


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