Season's Greetings from The Science Academies of New York

Hello SANY families,

As we get ready to celebrate the holiday season with family and loved ones that are near and dear to us, I wanted to take a brief moment to reflect on all that has happened this past year. A year that none of us will forget, but more importantly how we all united together and were able to conquer herculean obstacles that were presented each day. To say that I am proud of our students, teachers, faculty and staff is an understatement. This year reminds me greatly that we are many Atoms, one family.

Indeed, 2020 will be a year for the history books: the global pandemic, its impact on our daily lives, the educational structure, tragic loss of life, and sacrifices made by so many of our front-line heroes. Much will be written about this time period in our lives, but for me and for SANY, here is what I will remember.

Earlier this year somehow, some way, you all found a way to rise to the occasion and rally through these difficult times. From adapting, overcoming and evolving to a new style of learning and educational system, to working tirelessly in the face of great unknown to persevering through periods of tremendous uncertainty. You did all of this with great success not only in your professional lives but your personal lives, as well.

Despite the many challenges this year faced, there were glimmers of hope that shined through the darkness. Earlier this month vaccines arrived and are being administered to those who needed it the most in New York state. Many of our front-line heroes throughout the country are receiving the first round of the vaccine, with promise that others will be able to receive the vaccine soon.

Earlier this month, SANY announced the approval of Citizenship and Science Academy of Rochester, with a projected opening in September 2021. It is with all of your valiant hard work, dedication and commitment that we are able to bring our successful model of STEM education to the citizens of Rochester, New York.

Someday, when we look back at this period and reflect upon how we lived through these challenging times, I will always be reminded that it was because each and every one of our Atoms, their families, teachers, faculty and staff. Many Atoms, one family. We wish you a very happy holiday!


Dr. Tolga Hayali
SANY Superintendent


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