Consent for COVID-19 Surveillance Testing 2022-23

Dear Citizenship & Science Academy of Syracuse Community,

The Citizenship & Science Academy of Syracuse is again partnering with Onondaga County to offer free onsite COVID-19 testing for its school communities for the 2022-2023 School Year.  

COVID-19 testing is useful because it helps detect infection within the school community and therefore helps prevent the spread. This year we are offing this service as both surveillance and diagnostic testing. Tests will be conducted bi-weekly. Testing will be done by the School Nurse and or other trained staff member(s). This is a noninvasive test that is painless and can be self-administered by swabbing the inside of the mouth.

If you are willing to participate in the surveillance testing this year, please review the options below regarding the consent process:

  • If you participated in the 2021-22 surveillance testing program and have already registered on the Quadrant website, you may have received an email from the county on or around Sept. 6 containing information about providing consent for this year.
  • If you wish to consent to this year’s testing program and you consented last year, no action is required unless your child changed school buildings. Please find the instructions linked below to change your school building in the Quadrant system.
  • If you did not consent to the test last year and you wish to participate in this year’s testing program, please review the instructions linked below.
  • If you consented last year and do not wish to participate this year, please opt-out of the surveillance testing program by following the instructions included in the county’s email message. This will remove your profile from the school’s list and ensure that COVID-19 testing is not conducted. Instructions on opting out are included at the link below in the event that you did not receive the county email.

Thank you, and we wish you a safe and healthy school year.

Click here to download How To Register For School COVID Testing Online 
Click here to download How To Change School Building 
Click here to download Opt-Out Of Testing

If you wish to print and complete the form instead of completing it online, click here to download it. After completing this form, return it to the nurse’s office.

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